01. Mutton Vegetarian Roll
Crispy bread crepe stuffed with mildly hot curried goat, served with tangy, red chilli sauce.
02. Fish Cutlet
A large Croquette made of flaked fish and mashed potato mixed and rolled with onions and aromatic hot spices.
03. Ulundu Vadai
Donut shaped urith dhal (black gram) savouries served with tangy coconut chutney (2pcs)
04. Kadalai Vadai
Fried patties of spicy lentil and urid dhal similar to falafals (2pcs.).
05. Vegetable Samosa
Popular Indian pastry stuffed with spiced vegetables.
Vegetable Soup
A mixed vegetable soup, flavored with tamarind and chilli.
Curry flavoured stock with a touch of tamarind.


Traditional Entrees

Buryani is a very rich Pilau served at festive occasions. The meat which has been pre-cooked in special spices is covered in Basmati rice which has been cooked and delicately spiced with cardamon and saffron. Finally the Buryani is gently steamed to blend the flavours. At CEYLONTA, we serve Buryani with additional curried meat dish.

07. Chicken Buryani $19
08. Mutton Buryani $19
09. Beef Buryani $19
09a. Vegetable Buryani $19
09a. ShrimpBuryani $20

Six separate dishes of curried vegetables with steamed Basmati rice and pappadam. It is popularly known as “rice and curries”.

10. Vegetable Thali
One vegetable can be substituted for yogurt.
11. Meat Thali
One dish of chicken, beef, mutton or egg added to the vegetable thali.
11a. Fish Thali
Curried fish added to the vegetable thali.



Lightly spiced, pan-fried crepes of urid dhal served either as plain dosai with side dishes or cooked and filled with curried vegetables. All our dosai dishes are served with the traditional Sambar (curried, mixed vegetable sauce) and coconut chutney. (Extra sambar or chutney for $1.00).

12. Masala Dosai (with a curried potato filling) $15
13. Ghee Dosai (flavoured with clarified butter, fine and crispy) $15
14. Egg Dosai (the egg, sunny-side up is fried into the dosai) $15
15. Plain Dosai (four pieces of dosai) $15


Ceylonta Style Roasts

16. Tandoori chicken
Four (4) pieces of roasted chicken marinated in Ceylonta’s tandoori spices.
17. Ceylonta’s Chicken Palandi
White chicken meat crispy outside and tender inside, marinated in Sri Lankan chillies and smothered in our chief’s special sauce.
18. Ceylonta’s Fish Steaks
Crispy king fish steaks marinated in turmeric and hot red peppers, recommended with pittu or plain string hoppers.
19. Ceylonta’s Roast Beef
Strips of tender curried beef stir-fried with sliced onions and crushed red peppers, recommended with any steamed entree.


Stir Fried Dishes

The spiced chicken, meat or vegetables are combined with steamed Basmati rice, steamed green beans, peas and other vegetables and stir-fried with herbs and spices.

20. Chicken Fried Rice $16
21. Mutton Fried Rice $16
22. Beef Fried Rice $16
23. Vegetable Fried Rice $16


String Hoppers kothu

Thin strips of noodles and vegetables or spiced chicken or beef chopped and stir fried with a fine blend of onions, herbs and spices.

24. Mutton String Hoppers Kothu $17
25. Beef String Hoppers Kothu $16
26. Chicken String Hoppers Kothu $16
27. Vegetarian String Hoppers Kothu $16

Kothu Rotti

Very popular in Sri lanka, Kothu Rotti is made of chopped flat bread (rotti) stir-fried with onions, green chillies and spices and a choice of curried beef, mutton, chicken or egg.

28. Beef Kothu Rotti $16
29. Mutton Kothu Rotti $17
30. Chicken Kothu Rotti $16
31. Vegetarian Kothu Rotti $16
32. Egg Kothu Rotti $16
33. Plain Rotti/Parota $5

Steamed Entrees

34. Idly (Available only at Carling location)
A platter of steamed urid dhal rice cakes served with a mixed vegetables sauce (sambar) and chutney.
35. Pittu
A steamed dish of red rice flour and freshly grated coconut, served with sambol and curried lentils or with one curried meat (chicken or mutton or beef).
36. String Hoppers
Rice noodles formed into lacy circles and steamed to a light and fluffy texture, served with coconut sambol and curried lentils.


Devilled Dishes

Our devilled dishes are cooked in a tomato based chilli sauce imported from Sri Lanka. Condiments are added to suit the type of meat or fish. These dishes are moderately hot and compliment any steamed dish or other entree.

37. Devilled Shrimp $22
38. Devilled Fish $22
39. Devilled Beef $19
40. Devilled Chicken $19
40a. Devilled potato $17
40b. Devilled Squid $20


Curried Dishes

One of the main characteristics of Sri Lankan cooking is that spices like coriander, cumin and fennel are pre-roasted to a deep brown coffee color, imparting a flavour that is strongly individual to this island. Special combinations of condiments are added to suit the type of vegetable, meat or fish. Our curried dishes are excellent in combination with Rice, String Hoppers, Rotti, Pittu and Dosai.

41. King Fish $18
42. Shrimp $19
42a. Squid $18
43. Eggplant $15
44. Lentils $15
45. Potatoes with Sauce $15
46. Seasonals: Beans, Spinach, Cabbage, Mixed Vegetable, Okra, Soya (tvp) Chick peas, Currried Pineapple, Squash & Beats (ask for the special of the day) $17
47. Curried Chicken $17
48. Curried Beef $17
49. Curried Mutton $18
49a. Butter Chicken $17


Side Dishes

These accompaniments are a unique feature in South Asian cuisine essential as sauces to flavor and spice main courses.

50. Coconut Sambol
Finely grated coconut mixed with a combination of hot red chillies and other spices. Perfect with plain Rotti.
51. Seeni Sambol
Thin chips of Maldive’s dried fish and thinly sliced onions cooked until perfectly tender in sweet, hot or tangy spices.
52. Katta Sambol
A mixture of coarsely ground red chilies, chipped Maldive’s dried fish and onions in lemon juice (only for those who like their food very hot ).
53. Fried Sprats (Sardines)
Maldive’s dried fish with sliced onion and crushed red pepper.
54. Ceylonta Style Chutney
A hot sauce made from blended coconut, chillies and lime (recommended with all dishes).
55. Steamed Rice
A plate of Basmati rice served with pappadam.
56. Basmati Rice
A Plate of Basmati rice cooked in ghee flavored with saffron, and fried onions.
57. Pappadam
A quick fried crispy, mildly spicy, thin lentil wafer (4 pcs).
58. Nan Bread
Heated Indian flat bread.